8 Hypotheses on the Future of Work

How work changes in the post-pandemic world

Over the last few months, we’ve all been able to observe and experience ourselves how the idea of work is changing. The pandemic has not only forced us to profoundly change our work habits, we are also questioning our long-term attitude towards it.

Countless reports and statistics about the pandemic’s impact on working life have been circulating. We have followed the discourse on the future of work for a long time and have even conducted a small survey on working and home office ourselves. Remarkably, out of 180 participants, only 7% said they wanted to return to their office for good. We have intensively discussed the results within the Emma Wanderer team and our network, and also immersed ourselves in the opinions of international thought leaders in this domain.

From all the observations and conversations, we were able to develop eight working hypotheses about the future of work. In this article, we want to discuss what they are and our opinion about the impact they will have on us personally, as well as on a societal level. Our 8 hypotheses serve not only as a contribution to the new work discourse. but also as a basis for product development for our new company, Emma Wanderer.

If you have any kind of suggestions, criticism, and additions feel free to reach out, we love to talk!

In the upcoming weeks, we'll discuss the future of work in general and remote work and work from home and anywhere in more detail. If you are interested, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date and learn more about Emma Wanderer.

How we imagine the work after the pandemic:

  1. Work from Home (WFH) will turn into Work from Anywhere (WFA)
    The question of whether or not we will work remotely more often in the future is clearly answered with: yes, we will. Eurostat did a study in 2019 (before the pandemic!) according to which about 53 million jobs in the EU could be classified as "teleworkable." , meaning that these jobs can potentially be done remotely.

    Read more about Work from Anywhere.

  2. How we work will primarily depend on our current phase of life
    The extent to which we choose to work in a hybrid way and do mobile work will significantly be influenced by our current phase of life. Remote work will mean a different thing for singles starting their first jobs, for couples with an entrepreneurial background, or for families in employment with, let’s say, two kids.

    Read more about how we'll work depending on our current life situation
  3. Location-independent work-life habits and digital nomads are here to stay

    Digital nomadism is becoming increasingly accepted and possible for many. The shift to knowledge work and co-working is making location-independent lifestyles even more attractive.

    Read more

  4. Remote Work will become part of our climate strategy

    Remote work has a positive impact on the climate crisis. One additional workday from home for all employees in Germany could save 1.6 million tons of CO2 yearly. Remote work has to be part of every country’s climate strategy.

    Read about remote work and climate change

  5. Remote work revives the countryside

  6. New types of tourism will emerge from the hybrid work trend

  7. The battle for talent continues to heat up. People are wooing remote workers, people are wooing remote work

  8. Flexible work demands adoption from management, politics, society, and everyone else

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